Golden booth
Golden booth

Introduction of golden booth

Golden booth is a kind of illustrated accurate marketing service which 1818Lao promotes. It means that the combination of pictures and words promotes your products in the website. Use of golden booth service will improve your products with unexpected effects. It should be emphasized that about 500 global websites around the world and is closely connected with 1818Lao, and will link and promote 1818Lao at the same time. Therefore, the effect of advertisement promotion of 1818Lao is global and almost more valued 500 times.

The advantage of golden booth

  • Promotion of illustration

  • Eye-catching display position

  • Promoting range within the whole website

  • Pertinent marketing methods

Usage of golden booth

1.Way of application for golden booth
2.Display position of golden booth
Golden booth displays the first to third place from above to below at the right side of product list. Your purchased golden booth will display in the upper right plate of “golden booth” of key words search result. Huge exposure will bring substantial attention and rate of clicking.

Notices of golden booth

Only users who open pay shop can purchase golden booth service.

Users who purchase bidding for rank service should agree the Agreement of Golden Booth Service.