Advertising display pictures

Introduction of advertisement

Advertisement is a promoted service of 1818Lao to meet public demands of website users. It is available for users who need to improve production sale and fame on the website, with abundant contents and various forms. It should be emphasized that about 500 global websites around the world and is closely connected with 1818Lao, and will link and promote 1818Lao at the same time. Therefore, the effect of advertisement promotion of 1818Lao is global and almost more valued 500 times.

The advantage of advertisement

  • The most universal user groups

  • Unique position and exclusive honor

  • Prior exhibition for increasing flow volum

Usage of advertisement

1.Way of application for advertisement A key to apply
2.Display position of advertisement
Advertisement occupies sufficient display positions on 1818Lao, such as website homepage, channel page and search page, to meet suppliers’ demands for advertisements. You can enter “Member Center”, “Advertisement Management”, and “Advertisement Position Mall” to check advertisement positions list. Also, you can search certain advertisement position through channel in the “Advertisement Position Mall”, or search corresponding advertisenment positions through present advertisement pictures.

Attentions for using advertisements

Advertisement services for 1818Lao contain online advertisement and offline advertisement, and the former can be directly applied.

Users who want to purchase online advertisement should agree the Online Advertisement Service Agreement of 1818Lao.