Credit Verification Service is the verification service of the third party on 1818Lao. The suppliers who have passed the Credit Verification will get universal credit recognition. Credit Verification Service members will get a special logo, prior trade recommendation, high search weight of suppliers and products, and a series of privilege services.

Authority Certification

Certification of authoritive organizations

the third certification organizition will verify your enterprise qualification and truth.

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Identification of Credit Verification

the suppliers who have passed credit verification will obtain 1818Lao’s special identification of credit verification and easily get buyers’ faith.

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Star of supply grade

the suppliers who have passed credit verification will light star identification of supply grade to further get buyers’ favour.

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Traffic Engine

Synchronous display on many sites

the supplier who have passed certification win opportunities to synchronously display on 239 country and region sites and attract traffic from users in the world.

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Top search rank

index of search rank increases, and search result ranks top to priorly display.

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Add privilege of purchasing the service

access to valued-added service, many methods of marketing and promotion, and many brilliant positions will make more exposure opportunities.

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Prominent Service

No-limited amount of published products

the suppliers who have opened verified shops can display your products in large quantities without the limit of product amount.

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Privilege of decorating shops

you can choose any kind of shop templates to decorate shop page easily.

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Prominent service

shop templates, recommended showcase positions and certification on 238 country and region sites will be given freely.

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Procedure of Certification

Submit application and fill in certification information Pay certification fees Wait for certification Certificated successfully
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