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This $20 Bluetooth speaker was originally intended for use during extreme sports, but it's actually perfect for showers

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(1)My bathroom is a mostly tech-free zone, but I make an exception for my Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker, which is attached to my showerhead.

(2)The speaker is waterproof, so it still works perfectly despite getting splashed on a nearly daily basis.

(3)It's small enough to fit in your hand, but it plays songs and podcasts clearly and loudly. And its battery life is impressive.

(4)For $20, the speaker gives you a lot of bang for your buck, whether you use it for showers like me, or for water sports like kayaking.

There's one room in my apartment that I try to keep free of tech: my bathroom. It's the only room where smart home devices, security cameras, and other gadgets have no place. But there is one exception: I have a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, the Braven 105, attached to my showerhead.

I first reviewed the Braven 105 two years ago, but it has since become a mainstay in my very tech-filled life.

The speaker is so small it fits in my hand, and it has a waterproof rating that's high enough for it to survive submersion in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. There's also has a strap on the back of the speaker that's meant for attaching it to a bike or kayak paddle. Braven expects, and even wants, you to put this speaker's waterproof claims to the test.

Instead of subjecting the speaker to extreme sports, I strapped it to my showerhead, where it gets splashed with water on a nearly daily basis. It still works perfectly two years later, even after falling several feet and landing speaker-side down into a pool of water while I was setting it up, and from time to time thereafter.

For a small speaker, the 105 produces really impressive sound. I honestly wasn't expecting much, but at $20 it's definitely a bargain. Music from every genre sounds good and balanced, although the sound is definitely a little weird because the speaker is positioned at an awkward angle, and my bathroom is small and tiled, which creates an echo. That said, the songs and podcasts I listen to always sound pretty clear, and the speaker gets loud enough that you don't have to worry about it getting drowned out by the sound of running water. If anything, I've actually gotten self conscious about how loud my music can get, and end up turning it down.

I've reviewed a couple of Braven's speakers, and their great sound has always been complemented by excellent battery life. The company says you should expect to get eight hours of life with the 105, which means it'll last throughout a full day of hanging at the beach, biking, or hiking. I only use the 105 for a few minutes every few days, and have yet to charge the 105 once.

It may not be the best-sounding speaker I've ever tried, but the Braven 105 fills an important niche in my life. If I'm invested in a podcast episode, I don't have to stop listening just because it's time for me to take a shower.

Whether you're looking for a small speaker, a durable speaker that can create big, clear sound, or just want a way to listen to tunes while you clean up after a long day at work, the Braven 105 won't disappoint.

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